How to Conveniently Secure Your Home

Symbol of the house and stick the key in the keyholeSecuring your home is very important. Not only do you want to be safe when you spend time at home but when you are not there all your valuable possessions need to be kept secure from theft. It is therefore important to keep your valuables and the people you love safe inside your house. You can achieve this by ensuring your doors have proper locks installed by a licensed locksmith such as Fusion Locksmiths in Sydney, NSW.

But how about securing your home conveniently? There are many different types of locks you can use for your house. Most people opt for using a deadlatch but those with more expendable cash choose for a more advanced smart lock. This is where true convenience can really present itself.

Smart locks are definitely the most best locks to use in terms of user friendly features but of course are more expensive when compared to a standard lock.

Check out some convenient security features that smart locks offer:

  • Voice Activation:

Smart locks with the option of voice activation allow you to open and lock your door just by talking it. How futuristic! This cool feature also ensures that no one else can open your door unless his or her voice is encoded with the lock.

  • Geo Fencing:

Some smart door locks include a geo-fencing feature that enables you not to leave the house premises without physically locking the doors. It works by creating a perimeter around the house and using your exact GPS location, when you leave the specific perimeter, the lock automatically locks itself. Open doors can also be programmed to close themselves too using this technology. Such features put the smart lock leaps and bounds ahead of standard locks and thus make them more effective and convenient.

Standard locks on the other hand are also effective in their own right with their own pros. The standard locks for instance are always going to be cheaper in price as compared to an advanced smart lock and will do the job of securing your place just fine. Some standard locks have more features than others thus offering more security provisions. Generally there are various locks to choose from and this will depend on the cost and amount of money you have to spend.

Most customers are only concerned with price and may seek the cheapest option. However doing so is not always the best option. Instead think of your budget and compare what locks are offering below and above your budget. Sometimes you may find that you can get a cheaper lock that provides the same features and security that a more expensive model does. While other times you may learn that by spending just a little bit extra you can gain many features that you would have missed out on otherwise.

What to Look for in a Security Guard

Investments are worth guarding regardless of what type it is. In matters of security for your business or home, you should always add security measures to your property such as locking devices and security shutters. Check out the services from security screens Wanneroo.

However to take it a step further you should really contract security guards to enhance security. You must be convinced that the guards have the skills and the capacity to guard your investment. This is the reason you should know what to look out for in a security guard. 

Consider their Observation Skills

One thing that is necessary to consider when hiring security guards is their observation skills. This is because, these skills are an integral part of their work and the problem is, most are not trained about this. How do they handle safety hazards? Do you think they are able to detect security issues and be proactive? If you are convinced they can do this, then you can hire them. 

  • Their Conflict Handling Skills

Its common for security guards to get into conflicts with intruders and unauthorized people who do not want to follow procedures. For example, someone wants to visit your office but they do not have an appointment and they are not willing to provide their identification documents. As you interview them, their conflict handling skills is something you should consider. Get to know how they would handle the situation regardless of whether its verbal or physical.

As you work with a security company to protect your home or business, you should not always go with what the company offers. You may not be comfortable with the security guards assigned as time goes by. It feels good when you have interviewed a security guard and you feel that they can meet your requirements. 

  • Evaluate their Descriptive Skills

You have watched movies or heard about thugs or terrorists. As the authorities conduct their investigations, and some people saw the perpetrators, authorities ask them to describe the people they saw. These descriptions help in narrowing down the search. They should be able not only to describe situations, but also people. 

You can test them with photographs of different people at least two of them and see how they can describe the people they see. From how they describe them, you can tell how they can do it in real life. This is crucial for the security of your investments.

Get to evaluate their observation skills, how well they know their job and how they would react to specific situations. You should only have them assigned to you if you are convinced about their capabilities.

Keeping Security Animals to Enhance Security in Your Home

Security is a growing concern across the globe and although this was known to be a problem in urban areas, it has become a concern in the rural areas too. When one has their own home, security becomes even more paramount as you want to protect your hard-earned assets. Besides burglary, trespassing is also another problem. Having security animals will enhance security for both your family and property.

  • A Flock of Geese

This sounds quite unusual or unrealistic but it is a proven way to enhance security in your home. This is not a new practice as these birds have been used since time immemorial. Since they have a good sense of smell and eyes, they will easily alert the homeowner of any intruders. They do so through lots of noise and attacks to the intruder. This prevents thefts and burglary.

  • Langur Monkeys

This is another unbelievable but effective security measure. Depending on a homeowner’s preference. The advantage of using these monkeys is that it is easy to train them, they have good eyesight and are aggressive enough to deter unwanted persons to a property. In the year 2010 during the Commonwealth Games, Langur Monkeys were used for security.

  • Guard Dogs

Dogs are the most common animals that are kept to deter intruders and thieves. While dogs are known to be aggressive in attacking an intruder, they also help when they bark endlessly. They alert you. The advantage of using guard dogs is that they are highly trainable and they adapt with ease. German shepherd, Pit Bull, and Rottweiler are some of the best breeds for security purposes.

  • Parrots

Parrots are also kept for security purposes. They can attack and bother an intruder by flying into their face. They also alert someone by making noises or flying to them. Since they are easily tamed, they help where security is concerned. Once they are tamed, they become very protective.

It’s interesting the type of animals that are being kept for security purposes in the modern world. From dogs, parrots, flocks of geese, elephants, big cats to alligators, it depends on the type of animal that you want to keep. Some are attackers by nature while others have to be trained. Despite these animals being effective in enhancing security, it’s crucial that every homeowner assesses the security vulnerabilities first. This will help in making the right decisions in the security measures.

Easy Ways to Ensure Your Home Security

With the increasing insecurities across the globe, it’s paramount that every homeowner takes the necessary measures to protect their homes. A home is important and actually, this is one of the most important investments that you can make. There are several things that you can do to enhance your security.

Replace the Locks if Keys are Lost

If you happen to lose your keys, you should immediately have the locks replaced. Whether you have a spare or not, you should not consider duplicating or replacing the keys. It’s advisable that you change the locks instead since you never know who could find the keys. Replacing the locks might be more expensive than replacing the keys, but it is better safe than sorry.

Stay Updated with the Current Home Security Trends

Technology is changing things in the security industry and the world at large. What was an effective home security option 20 years ago may no longer be as effective today? You can give your home more security when you are up to date with the current trends. Besides getting this information from the internet and knowledgeable people, you should consult with home security experts including a locksmith.

Talk to Your Locksmith about Your Home Security

Probably you have heard about certain home security features and you have a way that you would like yours to be. You can consult with a locksmith who will not only advise you on the best option but also who can customize some features for your satisfaction.

Inspect Your Locks Regularly

It’s only through lock inspection that you can get to note any malfunction. Although you can do the inspection yourself, it’s better when a locksmith does the job. They can tell when a replacement is needed and when the lock is not functioning as it should. This is something that should be done after every six months and besides ensuring they are in order, they ensure that they are easily operable.

If you are moving into a new home that was previously rented and the locks were never changed, you should have the locks changed. Perhaps the previous owner moved with some of the keys. This means that they will have full access to your home. This is not safe and thus the locks should be replaced to ensure that only the authorized with access the home.

Using Technology to Keep Your Home Safe

Home security is of paramount importance as this is where you stay and keep your assets. You do not want to expose your family to risks that you can avoid. With technology development being unavoidable, it is possible to have peace of mind even when you are away from home. You will not have to worry whether someone broke into your home or not.

Ring Video Doorbell

This is one of the most innovative ways to boost security in your home. It’s easy to scare away intruders or robbers with this device since once they push your doorbell perhaps to see if someone is home, you can speak from your smartphone. You can also see who is at the door from your phone. The ring video doorbell records videos and detects motion which in turn sends mobile alerts.

Smart Door Lock

Just like you enter a code to access your smartphone, you can do the same with your door locks. You can as well use your fingerprints to unlock the door. You can give the code to those living in the house or configure the locks accordingly. In case someone tries to tamper with the touch-screen lock, you will receive an alert. You do not have to worry about someone finding your keys.

Light Sensors

Presumably you have seen a light go on at night when someone passes. These are called light sensors and they light up when they detect motion. They detect infrared energy up to a specific distance. Besides lighting up, light sensors otherwise known as light automation devices can send an alert to your phone when they detect motion or even ring a bell.

Window Alarm Sensors

When a potential burglar realizes that they cannot access your home through the door, they will try to use other means such as going through the window. As you boost the security of your doors, do not ignore that of the windows. One thing about window sensors is that the alarm will go off if it senses force in opening or there is drilling. This will scare the intruders.

Install a Door Jammer

The beauty of this security measure is that the type of door does not matter. Also known as door braces, jammers can be installed on both exterior and interior doors. Since they come in varieties of designs, you should choose the one that suits your home style the most.

Since your home is one of your biggest investments, you need to safeguard it. You need to be relaxed knowing that you have provided top-notch security to your family and your home. Light sensors, window alarm sensors, smart door locks, and ring video doorbells are just some of the technologically advanced security measures that you can take for your home.

Ways to Enhance Personal Security

In a world that terrorism has claimed thousands of lives, it’s paramount that people consider their personal security. Whether you are in your home country or you are traveling abroad, this is something that should be given priority. 

You can be attacked anywhere including the office, at home or on the streets. It could be that you are a target, you are a victim of an opportunistic criminal or it is just a collateral attack. Whatever kind of attack that you are at risk of, you should do your best to enhance your safety.

Reduce Exposure 

While terrorists will target crowded areas, other criminals will target isolated areas. They will strike when it’s dark or when you are alone. For your personal security, you should reduce exposure by avoiding such places especially deserted and dark streets at night. 

Develop Defensive Countermeasures 

Being aware of your surroundings is one thing but planning your defensive measures is another thing. With your basic strategies and knowing how to combat different situations can reduce your chances of being a victim of circumstances. In addition to being knowledgeable, you can sign up for defensive training and with practice; you will be surprised at how you can improve your personal security. 

Utilize Your Sensory Abilities

At times your instincts could be true. When you feel that going somewhere would expose you to danger and you could be a victim of terrorism or other crimes, avoid that place and instead think of alternatives. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

Enhance Your Home Security 

Making your home an easy to access one will put you at more risks than if you invested a little in your security system. Your doors should be solid and hard to break in with quality locking systems same as the windows. To enhance your home security and that of your family more, you should install a high quality alarm system that will go off in case of an intruder and a system that can detect smoke. 

Meet People in Public

If you are meeting someone for the first time such as people you have met on the internet, do not do it in a secluded area. Do not meet them in your house or theirs or even at your workplace; instead meet them in a public area. A restaurant would be a great option.

Security and safety revolves around a lot of things. There are kidnappings, robbery, break-ins, murders, shootings and bombings among others. Although at times there is nothing you can do in a situation, in most cases you can avoid being a victim by employing personal defensive countermeasures. While governments will do their best to offer security, each individual should make an effort to enhance their safety. 

Gmail adds extra security for its most important users

The email of Google is the most used worldwide, not for nothing any security flaw generates so many problems, something that apparently will be in the past thanks to a new announcement from Gmail.

Google presented its Advanced Protection Program, aimed at users who would be most affected by hacker attacks, the new security measure comes in the hands of physical security keys providing an extra barrier to two-step verification.

Gmail, more secure than ever but not for everyone

In the last year, hacked emails to politicians and journalists gave way to the proliferation of false news and access to private data that, it is believed, could have influenced world politics.

Google wants to give a touch of extra security to its webmail in the case of relevant characters and for this, it introduced the so-called Advanced Protection Program that, unlike other verification systems, uses a separate electronic device to verify the identity of the owner of the mail account.

Users such as journalists, politicians, government officials and all those whose unauthorized access to their accounts could generate serious problems, may request this electronic key that will serve for verification of two steps through an external device.

This external device replaces the obtaining of access codes via SMS or mobile application, making it much more difficult to infringe than traditional methods. The security keys will have two modes of use, either by connecting them to the computer through a USB port or wireless data transmission via Bluetooth for smartphones

Those who request to join the Advanced Protection Program that will also include people who are being victims of harassment or abusive relationships will have to buy a FIDO type key (U2F). The keys recommended by Google are priced at $ 43 although there are other cheaper models.

While these security keys for universal second factor is the most important news regarding the new security features for highly vulnerable users, Google also announced other measures.

If Google detects an attempt of unauthorized access or suspicious movements, it will proceed to block the Gmail account, the same if the user seems to be a victim of phishing, the process to recover it will require extra steps to ensure that it is delivered to its true owner.

An important security measure for Gmail that makes Google’s email ideal for people who are frequent targets of hackers, avoiding unauthorized access that could cause havoc.

Card Payments Security

Most purchases are made by use of credit cards. Whether shopping online or physical shopping, credit cards offer an easy payment option instead of carrying cash. Credit cards are also advantageous as they offer universal payments in any part of the world.

However, credit cards pose several threats, with credit card fraud topping the list. There have been several high-profile breaches that have exposed user card details.

When using your card, it is always important to be alert and conducting safe card activities to avoid fraud. Below are some tips to keep yourself safe.

Secure Online Transactions

Online shopping is a current trend in the digital era. People can now make purchases online without the need to avail yourself at store physically. However, their various ways that you can lose your credit card information to cyber criminals. When shopping, always ensure that the page is secure.

This can be verified by checking for “HTTPS” connects to the address bar of your browser. HTPPS are secure pages as compared to HTTP pages. Also, a secure page will contain a small lock icon on the start of the web address on the browser. The lock confirms a digital security certificate that can encrypt your data on end-to-end communications. It is also wise not to send your credit information over emails as it can be phished.

Investing in a Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are necessary when you want to separate online transactions and daily credit card transactions. A prepaid card is available online or retailers for a fair fee. A pre-determined amount of money is set before purchasing anything online.

There are several advantages to using this cards including safeguarding your money should it be compromised. Unlike standard credit cards where a cybercriminal can use your card for unlimited transactions, a prepaid card will protect you from such. In some financial institutions or banks, they may provide you with a temporary card number to purchase online that can be used once.

Safeguarding Your Card

Some retailers will usually store your card information with your approval for future transactions. Storing multiple card information may result in a security breach that may expose client’s card information.

Always ensure that your retailer doesn’t store your card details and insist on entering card details every time you make a purchase. It is also imperative to use different passwords when making online transactions. Do not ever use same passwords used for your emails or other accounts.

It is also logical not to input your card details in the vicinity of others as other may have bad intentions. Finally, should you lose your card it is always advisable to contact your bank immediately for assistance?

Regular Card Statements

Although banks and other financial institutes have an elaborate monitoring system to detect fraud or irregular activities in your account efficiently, it doesn’t hurt to check your account regularly. This can be done through regular card statements to check for irregularities or overcharges that you may have incurred. Once you notice anything suspicious, you can immediately contact your bank for further help.

Tips for home security

You have been working hard and you have earned a vacation so why not relax and sleep the day away? Perhaps it’s because you are worried about the safety of your belongings at home. You wonder if you have taken the necessary precautions to secure your home and are nervous about the possible nightmare you’d be returning to.

The good news is you are not alone; plenty of people have a fear of being burglarized while away on vacation. The even better news is that there are a few things you can do to put your mind at ease before you leave for paradise.

Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on things. Get to know your neighbors and build a good relationship with people, it could save your life and belongings. They don’t have to stand at their windows with binoculars all day nor do you have to ask them to go out of their way to look after your place but they can help make the house a little more occupied by picking up your mail and you can repay them in kind when they go away.

– Install light timers that mimic your regular patterns. Some people have been known to go the extra mile and install timers for their TVs, radios and/or lamps to sell the illusion further. The best tip would be to have a variety of timers to throw off anyone who might be watching.

Avoid posting that you are going on vacation and any details that may allow burglars to keep tabs on you via social media as this is likely to encourage home invasion and robberies. Take many great photos but refrain from posting them until your return.

Maintain your regular mowing/shoveling schedule. An unkempt lawn or snowy driveway is a tell-tale sign that no one’s home. Unless you are paying a company, ask a neighbor’s kid, family or friend to help you with the upkeep.

Do not leave the spare key where you normally would. It is one thing to have a key laying around when everybody else is coming and going and another when the house is empty. Flowerpots and rocks are no longer as inconspicuous as they used to be and will result in a walk-in rather than a break-in. Instead, leave the key with a trusted neighbor or family member and pick it up on your way back.

Switch on all your alarms and alert the security company of your travel plans. Invest in surveillance and when you can peel yourself away from the relaxation, check your camera feed. Also, leave the contacts of where you are going to be staying with neighbors so they can notify you immediately if something happens.

If all the above fails to put your mind at ease or simply nothing works for you, get a house sitter. This is definitely one of the more expensive options but you may get lucky and have a relative do it for free.

DIY Security Tips for Protecting Your Home from Burglars

Although you think you have secured your home, there’s always space for improvement. The only way to notice the possible threats that need to be improved or removed, you need to start thinking as a thieve.

Walk outside your house and observe. Do you notice something burglars might see as a weakness and use it? If yes, improve what you see as a weakness or remove it. However, if you don’t know how to start thinking as a thieve, relax because we’re here to help! We’ve collected the best DIY security tips to help you protect your home. Read carefully and apply them starting today.

Hide, fix or Remove Your Home’s Weaknesses

Hide all the wires and prevent thieves from disabling your security system. They usually look for wiring so they can cut it and enter your home without having to worry about the security system. Make sure you hide the wiring well. However, don’t forget to fix all the weaknesses like cracks or broken doors in your house the thieves may use to enter your home.

Avoid turning yourself into a burglars’ assistant

Remove everything from your house exterior or patio/backyard/front yard that burglars might use as a tool to enter your home. You wouldn’t want to contribute in your possible home robbery.

Avoid leaving package boxes in front of your home

Leaving package boxes from technology devices might lead thieves that you have expensive electronic devices at home. Avoid leaving them in front of our home and always throw them directly in the trash.

Keep your garden furniture safe

If you thought burglars are a threat only to the inside of your home, you’ve thought wrong. Keep your garden furniture safe as well. If you can, always pack your furniture pieces inside your house and prevent them from being stolen.

Car keys are your handy alarm

If you hear a strange noise in your garage or somewhere else in or around your house, you can always press your car keys and create noise. It will scare burglars. It’s a smart idea to sleep with your car keys beneath your pillow and use them as a handy alarm.

Keep the doors and windows secure – they should be your priority

According to statistics, improving door and window security prevents 34% thieves entering a property. Some of them will try to use the back door, so you might consider keeping all doors secure. According to the same statistics, secured back door prevents 22% burglars to enter a property. You can also add DIY security gadgets like installing a homemade security alarm. However, keep in mind that you need to secure the windows as well. Replace the old waisted ones with new burglar-resistant glass.

Adopt a dog and keep it outside the house

We all know that animals are our best friends. However, some of them are also a good security for our home. Adopt a dog from an animal shelter instead of buying one (not to save money, but to save a dog) and get your new best friend. It will protect your property as good as any alarm system (keep the alarm system as well). And don’t forget to build a house for your new best friend.

Data Security Measures in Business

For any business organization, data security is of great importance. Companies store a range of data from financial records to client’s information that is considered relevant to the business. Any security breach of data may cause severe damage to the business. There are various steps that a business can take to secure valuable data from internet burglars.

Off-Site Data Storage

As an organization grows, so does its data handling needs. This increases the risk of potential theft for critical and sensitive data. Most thieves will break into your business premises to steal sensitive data such as financial records, client’s information or employee identification information.

To ensure that your data well secured, it is recommended to have an external storage facility away from your business. With a few caveats to consider, such as ensuring maximum security to your off-site storage, the most important factor is how data will be able to be retrieved from the site to your place of work.

This can be done by secure layers to receive and send data through SSL or other secure encryption layers. Should there be more critical data to secure than the rest, ensure that there is a dedicated line for doing so? Finally, it is always important to put trusted people to access the data.

Secure Server Rooms

Server rooms have become an important commodity for businesses over the last couple of years. They store important data for your business and should be well secured. The server rooms also ensure that there is proper flow of data in the business. With these important aspects, any business should safeguard the server room by properly locking and restricting movement to the premises. Dedicated surveillance should be considered to monitor movements. A business should consider putting up other security features in the server rooms such as mounted server racks.

Printer Protection

Printers are important equipment in any business today. The problem with most people or business is that they don’t realize printers are a major security concern. Printers are built with a limited memory on board that stores information to be printed. Consequently, scanned documents and printed documents may be temporarily be saved in the memory. Cybercriminal can easily retrieve such information if the printer is a poorly secured.

To secure your printer, it is recommended that you disabled printer sharing and used wired LAN connection in your place of business. You can also opt for printers that automatically deletes its data once finished printing. This ensures more security for your printer.

Strong Digital Security

Data leakages may start from simple mistakes such as poor employee’s password to log in from important information. A server room or an offsite data storage unit may be properly secured, but if data can be leaked through simple logins, then it’s all in vain. Ensure that employees use secure passwords that are often changed to increase security. Other measures include locking workstations and encrypting data. All digital and physical data should be handled with care and provide a strong protective layer for all data.

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Criminals

With the advent of new and advanced technology, life has become more convenient for all of us. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exclude the life of cyber criminals.

Cyber criminals are becoming craftier day by day, and it’s our job to be vigilant and educated on how we can protect ourselves.

Here are some helpful tips:

Make your passwords complicated and hard to guess

Protect your passwords with your life. Make it so that it’s something that only you would know. A good idea would be to come up with a sentence and then use the first letters of that sentence as the password.

Yours and Yours Alone

As much as possible, do not share your passwords with anyone – not even with your closest friends and relatives. Even if you’re absolutely sure that they would never use it against you, there’s no saying that they wouldn’t mistakenly give it to someone else, or maybe write it on a piece of paper and leave it lying around.

Keep an Eye on Your Finances

Get into the habit of regularly checking your financial accounts. Sometimes, cyber criminals will steal from you little by little so you wouldn’t notice right away. Keep your guard up at all times to prevent this from happening.

Don’t Believe the Pop-Ups

If a window pops up seemingly out of nowhere asking you for your username and password, do not give it. Go to the official website instead. These pop-ups are most likely scammers posing as actual websites, tricking you into giving your username and password.

Avoid Sketchy Websites

If the website looks like it was cheaply made and is riddled with ads, then most likely that website will give your computer a virus. Stick to the well-known websites to ensure your computer’s safety.

Keep Your Secrets In Hard To Reach Places

If you want to list down your passwords and keep them in a device, it’s best if you hide them in a decision that’s not connected to the internet. Maybe you have an old and obsolete cell phone lying around – that would be a great place to keep your passwords, as no hacker would be able to gain access to it.

Split It Up

If you have some important files saved on your computer, it would be a good idea to make a copy of it and store that second copy somewhere else too. That way, if your computer catches a virus and gets all its data deleted, you’d still have a copy of those files safely hidden.

Security lighting essentials

Lighting is one of the fundamental things in life which most people take for granted. It is an undeniable fact that crimes committed during the night are much more than those committed during the day. From this simple observation, it is evident to deduce that security and lighting level have a direct correlation.

Unfortunately, we only have 12 hours of dayligh and the rest 12 hours are dark times. These are the times you should think of how you can effectively make them brighter. The simplest thing to do is to use lighting system to illuminate your compound.

You can either use solar powered lighting system or ones which are powered by electricity. However, to ensure you are always on the safe side, you ought to have two parallel sources of energy. Since electricity is readily available, we shall assume it is our primary source of lighting power.

On top of electric energy, you can either have a portable or stand-alone generator depending on the scope of the areas you want to light up. Portable home generators are not big and have small power Watt, but non-portable generators are large and can supply power to many devices and cover a wider area.

Another best backup power source is the solar system. There are solar lights which are designed to use either solar energy or electricity. In the same way, a generator has an auto switch which restarts the generator immediately the electric power goes off; the dual lights works on the same principles.

If you do not have such lamps, then you can also install inverters in your home to ensure that the direct power from the solar panel is converted to an alternating current which can be used by electric lights. However, most of the current solar panels have inbuilt converters, and you just need to plug and switch on the power to use solar energy on electrical items.

Major security light categories:

1. Flood lights.

These are the bright lights which are aimed to illuminate a wider area, and they are mostly mounted on top of a structure and point downwards.

2. Post luminaries.

These are lighting systems which are designed to be installed on a post and provide lighting from the top height of the post.

3. Roadway lights.

These are meant to light all the pathways around the compound, and they need not be brilliant.

4. Landscape lighting.

These lights are intended to light up the general area of the home compound particularly the garden as well as the flower section.

5. Surface mounted lights.

These are lighting systems which are meant to be fixed around or in the house and mostly enhance the beauty around the respective area.

How to control your lights for maximum benefits.

1. Use of dimmers.

These are electrical auxiliary pieces of equipment which control the level of lighting depending on the degree of opaqueness sensed by the dimmer. They are efficient energy saver devices.

2. Motion detector equipment.

These are pieces of equipment which turn on the light only when movement or motion is detected. Majority of these lights also sense the changes in energy level in their surrounding environment and thus no matter how slow the person tries to move to make the least noise; the light will sense the change in energy level and light up the area.

3. Time switches.

Most intruders first seek to get a pattern of how things happen in a particular place so that they can know when the best time to intrude is. With time switches, your home lighting schedule cannot be monitored as they automatically turn the lights off and on at random intervals.

4. Photocells.

These are best installed in backup lights. An intruder may gain access to your light system and switches off the lights. However, if you have photocells in another backup line, they will immediately turn on upon sensing darkness. This catches the intruder very unaware, and there are high chances that he/she will abandon the ill motive intended and flee.


To ensure your security lights are protected you can take the following precautionary measures.

  • Mount the lights high above the ground.
  • Cover the lamps with wire mesh or polycarbonate.
  • Use mirrors or reflective aluminum plates to direct light to the proposed area.
  • Ensure that no one can access the wiring system and the meter box without authority.